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To get Free PUBG Skins, Earn points by completing offers or survey. Exchange them into PUBG Skins.

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Survivor Crate

67.5 points

Fever Crate

17.5 points

Desperado Crate

7.5 points

Trifecta Scar L

6422.5 points

Military Jacket Black

11797.5 points

Mini Skirt Purple

13755 points

Turquoise Delight P1911

1275 points

Camo Hotpants

16832.5 points

Sleeveless Biker Jacket Black

6450 points

Jungle Digital Awm

1770 points

Sleeveless Biker Jacket Brown

4195 points

Hotpants Blue

17477.5 points

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Basically, PUBG is stand for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, developed and published by PUBG Corporation. It is a multiplayer online battle royal game. There are millions of gamers who love PUBG.

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Sneakers White

3797.5 points

Desert Digital Kar98k

3800 points

Cloth Mask Leopard

23375 points

Desert Digital Mini14

607.5 points

Aviator Goggles

3887.5 points

Cropped Corset

10927.5 points

Retro Polo Shirt

30 points

Trifecta Micro Uzi

495 points

Biker Pants Gray

722.5 points

Cowboy Hat Brown

4105 points

Trifecta P92

180 points


4010 points